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ZTE Grand X: The first terminal with a single chip

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During the CommunicAsia 2012 exhibition, which is being held in Singapore, ZTE has introduced new devices such as tablets, network cards and a new smartphone. It’s called Grand X and it is a single chip phone.

ZTE Grand X

A single chip terminal is a phone with a single chip. It’s the first thing we find in the market as well. The advantage of such phone is that it is also faster and consumes less energy than regular smartphones. Definitely, this chip MSM8960 of Qualcomm that mounts this phone is more efficient than the others.

As regards its characteristics, we find ourselves with a phone screen with 4.3 inches and 1.5 GHz processor. Bring 8-megapixel camera, with which you can also record video in FullHD.

The benefits may be slightly lower than the great phones, but the bet is strong and may assume a great competition, if not for the iPhone, at least for the devices in the same operating system, Android 4.0. But as always, that depends on the price at which exit this terminal, which at the moment is a mystery.

We will have to wait at the end of the last quarter of 2012 to find out, but experts predict it will be a low price for so well positioned between the terminals of high range.

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