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YotaPhone; The device smartphone front and e-reader behind

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If you think you know everything in the world of technology, and that there is a gadget that you can be a surprise, this time i think you missed part of what has been presented at the MWC 2013 in Barcelona because if you hadn’t seen the YotaPhone I do not believe that no matter how indifferent.


Do you not know what the YotaPhone? Well let’s start at the beginning. So if you think, first you look at the picture, then we know more about it.

YotaPhone is a device that comes with two different screens, one in front and one behind, and although both of a size of 4.3 inches. What do you want two screens? Then one will be to your smartphone, because YotaPhone is a phone. The other, your ebook reader, because YotaPhone is also an e-reader.

Sounds good, right? For though in the initial plans of the company would be the presentation of the terminal in 2014, the fact is that the stand of the MWC 2013, which by the way was crowded of curious people who wanted to discover this fantastic Russian invention, hinted that they could reach markets throughout this year, probably late. The price? Be around 500-600 euros. Which is not bad for two in one! Do you?

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