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Xperia X1 Delayed? – What’s New?

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Sony Ericsson

News is emerging that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 will be delayed until the end of year or even 1Q 2009. Is this news or is this expected? Was Sony Ericsson just messing with us by telling us supposed release dates?

Sony Ericsson are claiming they are having trouble with integrating the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS into the Xperia X1 handset with it crashing and killing some devices, hey what else is new? It runs on Windows!!

To blame is the software, specifically Windows Mobile 6.1 (or perhaps SE’s implementation of it), which appeared to be actively destroying the display units Sony has on display at IFA — of the three devices, one had some green status lights, one didn’t work at all, and one turned on briefly, only to crash hard and never return again… a pretty poor showing for day one of the show. Some hands-on shots are below, glaringly void of actual device usage.

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