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Xbox 360 Live For Android

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Xbox 360 for android

Xbox Live! who have Android handsets rejoice, now there’s an App for that! Yes, you can now login in to your Xbox Live! accounts on your Android handsets thanks to this app. It gives users the ability to login and check their accounts.

Designed for hardcore Xbox 360 gamers and Android owners, 360 Live is a gorgeous looking application that shows your friend’s Xbox Live stats such as their gamerscore, online status, gamer pictures, avatars, latest games, achievements, send/receive messages and much more.

The app costs $2.50 and is available in the Marketplace now.

Firstly the functionality it offers is good and the ability to check who’s online, and check for messages is great. Adding friends and replying to requests is great. What I would like to see would be the ability to remotely login in and start your Xbox, download the latest patches, demos, games whilst you’re away from your Xbox, so once you get home all is completed and ready for you to just enjoy. Now wouldn’t that be great?

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