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Windows Phone Mango – The Juicy Stuff

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Microsoft has announced the latest and long awaited update to Windows Phone 7, codenamed Mango. With it brings features we’ve all been waiting for, in order to bring Windows Phone 7 up to par with it’s competitors. Below are the juicy titbits from the official press release.

windows phone mango

  • Improved Live Tiles, which provides even more real-time information to the home screen. Live Tiles on Mango can be more dynamic and contain more information.
  • Multitasking allows users to quickly switch between recently used applications and pick up where they left off by simply pressing and holding the back button.
  • Live Agents, which enables developers to create a number of multitasking apps for scenarios involving media, communications, augmented reality and more – all without compromising battery life and performance.
  • Personalized Live Tiles make it possible for users to easily access individuals or groups from the home screen. Individuals can be pinned to the start screen as Live Tiles, providing users with at-a-glance access to real-time updates from social network feeds and notifications without having to open multiple apps.
  • Multiple email accounts can be combined and linked into one inbox.
  • Built-in voice-to-text/text-to-voice functionality, which will allow for hands-free texting or chatting.

Web browsing now also has an added layer that allows users to take advantage of functionality such as location awareness, the phone’s camera and its microphone.

  1. Local Scout prioritizes hyper-local search results based on user preferences and recommends the closest restaurants, shopping and activities in an easy-to-use guide.
  2. Visual search enables users to initiate a Bing search by photographing barcodes, QR codes and Microsoft Tags (without using a third-party app).
  3. Music search allows users to search Bing and get detailed information about music (like song title, artist and album title) by simply holding the phone up to a speaker.

Those are just the highlights of the latest release which will be available to current and future Windows Phone 7 users by Autumn. For the full press release, click through.

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