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Will the new iPhone 6 really revolutionary? What happens inside Apple?

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It is the first time in three years that the company founded by Steve Jobs presents no novelty (or any software or hardware) during the first quarter.

iPhone 6

2013 is the first year since 2010 in which Apple does not present any new product (either software or hardware) during the first quarter.

Doing some history, find the launch of the first iPhone in January 2007. The original iPad was in January 2010 and the iPad 2, in March 2011. The special education on iBooks for iPads was in January 2012 and the third generation iPad and the new Apple TV came in March 2012.

The company was able to direct (direct knew remarked) Steve Jobs, entered a temporary vacuum surprise. The last time there was news in the official of the company was passed on 23 October with the arrival of the iPad Mini, iPad 4, the revamped iMac and MacBook Air with Retina Display.

In recent weeks, the media began to raise their opinions and speculation regarding the next Apple phone. Some believe it will be called iPhone 5S, others who will be named iPhone 6 and still others think that there will be a double announcement.

The nomenclature is no small matter. If iPhone 6 would be facing the external renovation (design) and internal (camera, processor, etc…) Smartphone. However, iPhone 5S only bring improvements within the terminal without any aesthetic change.

At the end of last year, Apple decided to dismiss Scott Forstall, director of software products for mobile, and put in place to Jonathan Ive, who now has the role of design not only the outside of the equipment, but also the operating system of the same, one of the points most criticized by those who believe that the company lost innovation.

If the bet goes through getting back to the forefront in this aspect, it is true that the relaunch of an OS is time consuming. Blackberry took two years to submit BB10 and Nokia already took place to give him what he deserved to Windows Phone 8 and adapt to their new devices.

The media attention to what Apple’s future holds, insist the idea of a cheaper iPhone for emerging countries, a smart watch (iWatch), an iPad Mini with Retina display and thinner and lighter iPad 5.

Will the iPhone 6 in 2013 and will be truly revolutionary phone we all hope?

While the shares are in one of its worst levels since January 2012, the company is obliged to show an innovation that Jobs seems to have brought with her death.

The press speculates and consumers expect. And as in any relationship, patience tends to run out.

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