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Wikipedia for iPhone applications

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To navigate in Wikipedia can be used with an iPhone application that allows an optimized shape and designed in a more functional. These applications developed especially for iPhone and are available for free.

Wikipedia for iPhone

First is the official Wikipedia Mobile Application which consists of a version that can be modified since it is this open source application improvements are mainly relevant for users.

Wapedia is another alternative application that has access to other sources also stands out for the compatibility of languages and options to save the information or to share with social networks.

We can also find the application of Wikipanion having a customizable navigation interface for example to change the style and font size, and features support for the Safari browser, other aspects of relevance are the search options.

Wikiamo is an application that is also a configurable platform on the issue of the display of content as well as bookmarks and history features. To end this selection can include WikiTap which also has options such as history with options to access more quickly through the cache function.

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