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WhatsApp ‘kills’ the SMS and now threatens Facebook

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Despite the great popularity enjoyed by instant messaging services, the volumes of messages sent through these applications had not managed to overcome the number of text messages made by the traditional service. According to research conducted by research firm Informa, during 2012 were sent around 19,000 million messages a day via chat applications while SMS reached 17,600 million.


This change in the way of sending text messages via mobile terminals has its greatest impact on mobile operators who, according to Pamela Clark-Dickson, and were “seeing a decrease in messaging revenues”.

So much so, that the investigations conducted by Ovum have decreased from 15,000 million euros on revenue of SMS over 2012 due to the number of users who have replaced this service for free chat applications.

Despite the growing trend of these applications that are currently in its peak as WhatsApp or Line, experts expect that some features of the SMS they do maintain the user avoiding a rapid decline. According to the same experts, by 2014, the messaging applications are sent free near 50,000 millions of messages per day compared with more than 21,000 million traditional SMS, which would be a rise in both services.

However, traditional service will continue to drive the sector strong and that “there is plenty of life still in the SMS” as declared Clark-Dickson of Informa. The majority of chat applications are used by users of smart phones although there are a large number of consumers, especially in the less developed economies, that use this type of service with another type of terminals and depend on the SMS messaging tool as preferred. “They do not have mobile data plans, so it is a very large base of mobile phone users are still in the SMS, the best messaging experience for them”, he added.

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