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What you need to know about iPhone unlocking with and without Jailbreaking

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With the number of iPhones being sold, it is not surprising that there would be a great demand to unlock them. Maybe you are traveling overseas and need to take your beloved iPhone with you or are simply fed up with your current provider and want to use it on another network. This undertaking can be a daunting one, and possibly even expensive. Here is some information that might help you out with your iphone unlock.

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The easiest and best way to unlock an iPhone is through a factory unlock. This usually means buying a factory unlock service after providing the merchant with the necessary information about your phone. Usually this information is the Phone model (4, 4S, 5 etc.), the IMEI of your phone and maybe the cellphone service provider it is locked to.

Costs may vary widely with Sprint and Vodafone in the UK being among the most expensive, based on experience. These unlocks are permanent and do not require any form of Jailbreaking. All there is to do is to get the service processed then insert a sim not from the provider it is locked to. After which you would connect your phone to the computer and run iTunes, backup your phone then perform an iOS restore after which the iTunes software should complete the factory unlock by itself.

The process is that simple and offers the best convenience for the average user. Unlocking services can be found all over the internet but it is advisable to find a provider who is local and whom you can appeal to if anything is wrong. There are a lot of scammers online who will take advantage of your need. A safe bet would be looking through eBay for unlocking services and selecting those merchants who have had many positive reviews. Prices are often even cheaper through that avenue. This method will work for any iPhone with some possible exceptions related to carriers. The other option, which has the advantage of allowing you to transfer your unlock to another iPhone if needed, is the Gevey Sim unlocking method. There have been several releases of this product and the Gevey Ultra S is the latest. It has the ability to “unlock” your 4S. There are catches to this method however. Only the CDMA version is able to unlock CDMA iPhone 4S phones and these must be Jailbroken before attempting the unlock. Their Gevey Ultra product is available to unlock iPhone 4 phones.

The product is actually an interface between your non-carrier sim and the phone which you insert into the sim card slot along with the sim card. The process is a bit more involved so read the instructions provided carefully if you decide to purchase this method. Older iPhones could be unlocked using software methods and at no cost to the user. The iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G could be unlocked using software called UltraSn0w if they were on the right firmware and baseband for the procedure. The user had to have a Jailbroken iPhone and be one either the 05.12.01, 05.11.07, 05.13.04, 06.15.00, 04.26.08 or 01.59 basebands. Clearly iPhone unlocking ranges from free to costly depending on the brand of phone you have, how up-to-date it is and which carrier you are locked to.

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