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What to expect from new Moto X?

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Motorola Mobility officially presented to Moto X, the cell phone has been numerous rumors from a year ago. In early July, the company confirmed the existence of this phone after leaked images.

new Moto X

It has since grown the wave of rumors and leaks. Today, a few hours of its debut, have been leaked a couple of applications (appeared in Google Chrome Play and Web Store).

The first is Motorola Connect, a Chrome extension that lets you see who’s calling and texting from your computer. That is, if the user is on his job and not has to check the phone to see who is trying to contact him. In fact, it can respond to messages from the computer.

Notes that the administration should also work in the latest models DROID launched by Motorola. The other filtered application is Motorola Migrate, which will help to transfer files.

Some features of the new phone, for example, the phone will always “hear” the voice commands to render its user even when the screen is off. It will best combined motion sensors that allow actions regardless of the buttons.

For example, in case you want to take pictures just have to turn the phone or shake to activate this application. Behind of the last things that have leaked that the mobile has been use a Nano-SIM. Images have leaked from Hong Kong, so it is believed that the device is already in several countries.

The Telegraph notes that were also leaked the camera properties. The main will have 10 MP and 2.1 MP front. The camera will have a filter on top of the sensor to allow in twice the light and blur night.

Since Motorola have emphasized that the manufacture of the device is held in the United States. Moving also be a customizable, as users can order what color is your case and choose a message to be laser engraved on the back of Mobile.

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