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Wedding Party: Application to share a wedding

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Are you preparing your wedding? That day, among other things, should be a time to share. Now an app for your smartphone makes it much easier and immediate. We talk about Wedding Party app, the project founded in 2012 by the young engineer Ajay Kamat and thanks to which the guests at your link will immortalize the most emotional moments with their mobile devices and then share them on social networks or your own page application.

Wedding Party app

Well, maybe this is not what you dreamed for your wedding, or anything, but the reality is that mobile technology has reached the ‘I do’ and is now unstoppable.

The truth is that the application has many possibilities. It keeps track of platforms like Instagram and the intention is good: celebrate and share with family and friends a key date in your life. Your guests will be entertained and you and your partner can heedless of the cumbersome work post honeymoon by select and sending the hundreds of photos that will make that day.

Available for iPhone and Android and free, Wedding Party and has been used in hundreds of weddings in the United States, with mostly positive ratings from users.

But what has surprised its creators is the haste with which the happy couples have built this application to the preparation of their wedding: it is not just a tool to turn to during the celebratory feast, but many future spouses contracting the month before the link used to involve family and friends in rehearsal dinners, tastings of cakes or dress tests. Hopefully at least the bride leaves something to impress your guests on day X.

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