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Anime is the Japanese version of animation and there are many people around the world who like to watch this form of entertainment. Till recently the only way to watch this anime was if you had the Flash player downloaded on the device. With the introduction and the popularity of the Iphone and the Ipad this was not an option available to the users of these devices.

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Apple Inc. the company that marketed these devices did not have the Flash player app on the Ipad as well as the Iphone because it believed that the newer technology of HTML5 made the Flash player obsolete and that if viewers wanted to watch video it could be done by using the newer technology. So even if you had a good internet connection but happened to be using one of these devices and the anime could only be watched by using the Flash player you could not watch this anime. is an internet company which lets you watch anime on any device without having to have the Flash player app on that device this is because it uses the newer technology of HTML5 for all its videos. This means that if you want to watch anime any where in the world on any device where you can log on to the internet, all you have to do is log on to and you can watch the 1000’s of anime cartoons they have available on their site. The best part of is that it is free to all users so you do not have to pay anything to watch your favorite anime shows. By using the HTML5 technology for its videos has made it possible for its viewers to watch all their shows on any device be it hand held or desktop, without requiring you to download the Flash player.

HTML is a language for presenting content on the internet. HTML5 is the latest version of this language and it is still under development, but HTML5 has incorporated the technology to be able to play videos and other content without the use of the Flash player. This means that even if your device does not have the Flash player you can still watch videos that are available on the internet that use the HTML5 technology. With this development it is possible to watch videos anywhere in the world on any handheld device without having to worry whether your device has the Flash player incorporated in the device or not.

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