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Vine adds new features for iOS

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The application of micro video six seconds, Vine has been revamped with new features in its version for iOS devices. Among the changes include redesigned camera, categories to search videos on Vine and the possibility of republishing others ‘Vines’.

vine features

TechCrunch and Mashable agree that the changes primarily to help developers who use Vine to make stop-motion videos (recording frame by frame). One feature that stands out is completely redesigning the camera that adds features that allow better video. For example, now introduces a crew can better frame the shot. This crew can turn on and off according to the user’s tastes.

One of the drawbacks of Vine is that as the recording is activated by pressing on the screen could Selir blurred image as the camera focus on the iPhone usually makes a point. The redesign introduces the focus option with an icon of “Look”. The user must click on the icon and then aim at the screen where you want to focus. Once you have located must disable the icon and start recording normally. From Mashable consider this option works correctly but requires several extra clicks on the screen if you want to change the focus point.

The camera icon is also a Ghost to another ideal choice for stop motion. When this function is activated a small ghost appears in the last frame you shot and helps the creator better frame the next shot based on the position of the ghost.

Vine has also introduced 15 new channels of categories where you can locate best videos, so that the search is not simple or through tags. Among these categories are Comedy, Art, Cats, Dogs, Nature or special effects. They also introduce an option imported tweet “retweet” which in this case would be “revine” that allows publishing videos of other users in your timeline.

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