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Uses the voice wizard on your mobile or “tablet”

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Having your hands busy is no excuse for not using phone or tablet. The IOS devices, Android and Windows Phone provide wizards that allow you to perform actions via voice commands, such as search, dictate text or open applications, among many other possibilities, so you can use your phone without touching screen.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 6 you probably already know Siri and interesting features it offers. Talking to this virtual assistant have the option to create notes, send emails or messages to the contacts you want, make calls, schedule tasks, check sports scores, weather and movie listings, post on social media … In short, endless possibilities that make the simplest of everyday activities.

If you want to know all the features of Siri, ask “What can i help you with?” and a guide will show you the options and examples of voice commands you can use. You can talk in the same tone in which you would speak to a person and the voice recognition is pretty accurate. Also remember conversations and interprets the global sense so that interaction is fluid and do not have to repeat instructions.


The Android phones and tablets also have several virtual assistants that allow you to use your device through voice commands. One of the most interesting is Sherpa, a free app with features very similar to the Siri: find information, search for restaurants, shops and other establishments, create appointments and tasks, open applications, set alarms, post on social networks or have you put a song, among others already described.

Another interesting alternative is Speaktoit, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It is a voice assistant that has Siri and Sherpa functionality but with a special feature: it comes with a virtual assistant, an avatar that you can customize to your liking and that is responsible for managing and implementing your orders. Speech recognition is not as accurate as Siri, but it has global recognition of the conversation.

Windows Phone devices also have their own voice recognition system: TellMe, which can be accessed via the home button or to conduct searches on Bing. Microsoft is preparing an update of this wizard in order to improve both the speed and the quality of speech recognition in noisy environments. Additionally, this update will include streaming mode, a feature that remains active voice assistant to consult in the middle of a conversation, and while the user continues talking about the application runs in the background.

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