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Ubuntu Touch OS will come to market in 2014 from the hand of an unknown manufacturer

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The Canonical founder says that they are working with a manufacturer of smartphones in the first device with Ubuntu Touch OS. It is expected to reach the market throughout 2014.

Ubuntu Touch OS

Displaying juice and success is having the smartphone market; more and more companies will switch to this market strategy. That is the case with Canonical (developer of Ubuntu), which has already submitted several months ago Ubuntu Touch OS, its commitment to enter the war of mobile operating systems. They even created a project crowdfunding in order to get funding for the manufacture of the first smartphone with this operating system, a project that, as we have seen, eventually resulting in a failure. But that does not mean that the company and its product sank.

Unlike Ubuntu Edge, this new high-end smartphone will not rely on the crowdfunding to become reality, but it will come from a manufacturer of mobile phones in the sector. Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has not confirmed who will be Manager takes to do this task, but ensures that they are already working with this manufacturer to launch throughout 2014 that first smartphone with Ubuntu Touch OS.

Recall that earlier this year 2013 the founder of Canonical and promised the arrival of the first mobile phone with Ubuntu Touch OS in October 2013, which, as we have seen, has not come true. Hopefully this time the same does not happen and finally, both Canonical as the smartphone manufacturer may put the first smartphone with Ubuntu Touch OS on the market.

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