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Trick to clean the entire cache of Android mobile

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When talking about the maintenance of an Android phone, the application cache is usually a matter that occupies much of the role of maintenance of the phone. Clear the cache of the mobile is essential to ensure fluidity in the operating system, as well as also comes in handy in order to save space in the internal memory. On this occasion, what we bring is a simple trick to clean the entire cache of Android mobile, without going erasing one by one cache for each application.

clean cache of android mobile

This trick is valid for virtually all manufacturers of mobile, and the only thing that varies between one model and another is the exact procedure to follow to get to the section in question. Although it will be obvious for more experienced users, it is a procedure that does not know the unfamiliar users with less experience in the Android operating system.

It is recommended to perform these steps at least once a month, and the procedure in question consists of the following:

  • Enter into the settings of our Android mobile application.
  • Then click on the Storage section.
  • Once inside, we wait for the phone to finish calculating the storage space occupied by each section (may take several seconds). When stop we seeing the message “Calculating …” in the sections of the memory, click on the “Cached data” option.
  • After clicking on this option, the phone will show a pop-up message with the title “Delete cached data?” accompanied by the text “will be erased the cached data on all applications”. Click on the option “OK” and hope to finish wiping entire cache (it may take some time, and we notice how our mobile works somewhat slower during those moments).

But, what data are being removed to clear the cache? The only things we delete through this option are residual files which do not affect the performance of our smart phone. These files accumulate gradually as we make use of applications, and mobile storage is oriented to slightly improve the loading speed of those same applications.

After deleting all the cache, we appreciate that applications take more time to open, but only a matter of days to return to normal; in return, what we have obtained is more free space in the internal memory, and at the same time we waste in the cache of applications that may no longer use frequently.