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Three tracks of what will be like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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On August 2 will be officially presented a new generation of Samsung Galaxy Note. The Korean firm Samsung is planning Unpacked event for United States and Europe where will unveil a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 . And though still some weeks for the official coming-out, at this stage already leaked multitude of features. In addition, in the invitation that Samsung has sent to the media some clues that can help us discover some important details of this device. Would you cheer up to discover these?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Let’s start with the name…
As many times as has been rumored think it’s a fact. The new Samsung Galaxy Note will not be called Note 6, but could be designated by Note 7. All sources pointed to this fact, but seem to confirm the invitation. Having been ruled out the hypothesis that it is the seventh unpacked event celebrating Samsung, we have to think that indeed, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be as well to match their numbering with the current Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Question of colors
The colors that are commonly used in the invitations are usually specifically linked to the colors of the event and the devices will be presented. On this occasion, the graphic proposal is super minimalist and is based on only three colors: black, blue and white. This trilogy coincides with a recent leak in three different finishes were proposed for the model: black, blue and silver. This would rule out the incorporation of colors as used lately as pink gold or gold, although it wouldn’t be the first time that releases occur subsequently.

The iris scanner
What do you remember the circle that appears in the invitation? It is made up of several pencils or pen drives (a well-established feature in the Note) that could represent a loading circle, although there are many who believe that in reality the way that is achieved is that of an iris. There are few occasions in which talked about the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 stand out brand new iris sensor. It would be an identification tool rather like fingerprint sensors, although this case would be even more safe and effective. We must not forget that the fingerprints are easy to copy and are usually spread over the entire surface of the phone.

It is also very likely that the device is present with a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED screen and Exynos 7420 processor, able to match its performance with 6GB RAM. It is said that could have a 12 megapixel camera and a second sensor, located on the front panel, which would enjoy 5 megapixel. The phone would have 64 GB internal memory and would be equipped with a IP68 certified of water resistance and dust. The battery could have 3,400 milliamps capacity and offer a range of more than a day at full capacity (and even two).

To confirm or deny all these features have to wait until next August 2. We will continue to be alert to inform you of all the innovations that arise.