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This is the so-called iPhone 6 compared to other terminals of Apple

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From the first leak back in February, all was clear that Apple would increase the size of the screen on the next generation iPhone. Even the increase have been considered two variants, the 4.7″ inch and 5.5″ inches, the latter becoming less plausible for very logical reasons.

iPhone 6 mocktup

In this sense, have long been circulating mockups of the iPhone 6 by the network, and now in AppleWeblog have one of them and we have compared it with iPhone 5s, iPad mini Retina and Samsung Galaxy S5; how is its size compared to these devices?

If we take for good design and structure of this mockups created by successive filtrations whose origin seems to be China, where the iPhone is assembled, the truth is that the 4.7″ inches will sit very well to the iPhone, of indeed, thanks to 6mm thick is very comfortable in the hand, and pulls overland marketing policies of Apple on the screen and use the thumb, this time not to be taken very large hands, size not possible to reach all corners of the terminal with a finger. In fact, even if it is something trivial, the unlock button of this terminal is on the right side instead of on the top as was the case until now.

This iPhone mockup can draw two conclusions: the first is that it was necessary to screen size increased. The 4″ inches today, whilst sufficient for some users begin to fall short if we look at what the competition offers, in that sense it seems that time has proven them right.

The screen is large enough as the jump from 4″ inch iPhone noticeable, but with the proper size to not become a hindrance in our pocket. In fact, in full size, this iPhone 6 mocktup is almost similar to Nexus 5, speaking, and excluding the frame size and thickness of the terminal.

If we compare it with other terminals in larger screen, the overall size is very even, so in this sense it would almost be more interesting to include a larger screen and reduce the upper and lower frames, at least the higher, because the home button leaves little room for bottom edge. Something that shows a lot if bought with the Galaxy S5.

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