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The Samsung Galaxy SIV will have a remote for games

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You probably think and know everything about the terminal Samsung Galaxy SIV. And you may be right, although the Korean reserves, as almost always make great companies, a surprise for later. In this case it is the announcement that the Galaxy SIV will have a remote for games.

Samsung Galaxy SIV

Did not you know? For though the moment has no official name, in the tech scene already called Game Arcade, and we will have it in stores, if all goes as planned around May, that is, just over a month later than star to the new phone.

But they could not think of an accessory for gamers in the new terminal but thought in games to get the maximum performance right? Well, do not worry, that Samsung also has thought about it and with this keyboard and command your phone to play with up to eight different titles come to explode as if it were to turn the phone into a real portable console.

What we find is that Samsung has not been enough to debut a new terminal with everything inside but under the same design, and as far in the gamers sector can not say they have tried many things, it seems that little outside to innovate justified an attempt to convince you want mobile entertainment devices.

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