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The Samsung Galaxy J5 and S3 Neo receive a security update

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If you have a Samsung Galaxy J5, a 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo in your pocket, this information interests you. And it is that the company Samsung has just launch a security update that you should be able to install in the next few hours. The data packet, which weighs just 90 MB (nothing special when compared with large Android updates); it is the one that corresponds to the July security update.

samsung security update

And, in spite of the August Android update has already been launched, there are still many users who have not yet had the opportunity to install the previous month. The data packet has started filming in Europe, so that in the coming days should receive a notice that you are prompted to have a pending security update. Our recommendation is to install it as soon as possible to leave any residual error patched.

Unfortunately, the update does not bring any other benefits or additional features, beyond security issues. For its part, Google has incorporated a series of patches for the operating system, while Samsung has taken to optimize the performance of equipment in general. One of the most important fixes has been applied to exploit in the audio service that allowed certain malicious applications to access shared memory. The mistake would remain corrected after the arrival of this update.

If you have not gotten the message, do not worry, because it should land on your device in the coming hours or days. Once you receive notification, you can set it up: the download will start automatically and you can install it soon. But if you’re eager to install and still do not hear from Samsung, we recommend you access the menu Settings> About device> Software Updates> Update Now.

Be aware, though, that the update arrives via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air), which means that before putting the data packet up, you have to make some preparations:

  • First, check the available memory. This update does not occupy too much space, but it would be convenient that you don’t have the phone fully saturated with useless content. Check and remove everything that you can.
  • Then charge the device battery full. Make sure that, at least, is 50% of its capacity. Otherwise, this can result in unexpected outages during the upgrade process that would be very harmful.
  • Connect to a WiFi wireless network. You’ll need to download the file in question. And with this it will be everything.

The update can take up to 20 minutes, so it will not take too long. In spite of that, we recommend carry out in a moment in which you don’t have to use the phone, because while the update is installed you will not be able to do anything.