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The phablets want to be the gadget of 2013

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Two years ago the fashionable gadget were the tablets, it seems that we are going to start 2013 with surprises, because there is a new device that want to enforce within the market.


And it is that phablets want to be the gadget of 2013. Do you not know what the phablets are? So basically we are talking about a device that combines features of tablets and smartphones. That is, unlike the tablets, which in some cases do not incorporate 3G connection, the phablets are always a phone. But unlike many smartphones, the phablets incorporate larger screens that allow you to do much more with the size of the mobile screen.

No doubt some of the phablets are already known, and the range Samsung Galaxy Note is perhaps the best known has positioned itself in the market. But it seems that some people want to make the competition in style. Moreover, ZTE has chosen to take the Grand S 5 inch to CES 2012. And meanwhile, Huawei, also points to fashion with its device Huawei Ascend of 6.1 inches.

We’ll see where this ends up, but it seems that among users is growing interest in these devices, and if there are no more people who point to the phablets fashion is the fact that it is a fairly expensive devices, something that in this 2013 could change in important ways with the bet more and more companies, in many cases with the concept as low cost scheme. We’ll see how this ends….

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