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The Moto X will be able to recognize the voice when the screen is off

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More and more details are filtered on Moto X, the next “smartphone” by Motorola as a company under the umbrella of Google. Mobile, whose existence was confirmed the first week of July, is expected to start assembling in summer and hit the market in autumn.

Moto X

Until now it has transpired that will be a customizable phone. The user can choose color of casing and insert recordings in laser depending on preference.

The Moto X can always “hear” the commands issued by the user by voice, even if the screen is off. People will be able to search through Google Now, the Android voice assistant.

Incorporate more motion sensors that allow open applications without pressing buttons. For example, for the camera just quickly turn the mobile so that this function is activated.

It includes notifications on the lock screen, something similar to the iPhone. Its call “Active Updates” and will appear on this screen alerts for missed calls, SMS, Twitter and the user decides whether to pay attention or only gives a preview.

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