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The most important developments of the iPhone 7 Plus

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Apple has already revealed all the details about their new star devices. Although many of its features have already been leaked in the form of rumor days prior to the keynote, now we know what is in it that were working in Cupertino. Next to the iPhone 7, Apple also unveiled the larger version, iPhone 7 Plus. A terminal that attracts attention for several issues that we describes below.

iPhone 7 Plus

Dual camera
It is, without doubt, its distinctive point. And, when looking at the back of the terminal, you can see a noticeable bulge with two objectives. A rising trend in the terminals, and that Apple wanted to use to get the best possible quality when you zoom on the photos. It has two sensors capable of capturing images 12 megapixel resolution. Of course, a goal is a wide-angle and the other is a telephoto lens. Thus, it is possible to photograph people or objects in the distance with high quality and sharpness. As an exclusive feature also allows you to scan the scene to create a portrait style with bokeh blur background as do the SLR cameras. In addition, this model is equipped with optical image stabilizer to prevent tremors and blurred pictures.

Water-resistant design
Beyond its larger and subtle changes in the lines of the antennas, which now are hidden in the side of the terminal, the really striking design is its protection against water and dust. So, Apple has presented its first terminal with IP67 certified, which means that we can dip and dip (not to big depth or not for the long time) without spoiling. All a step forward that will appeal to most regular users of iPhone, but that it will have left colds for which they were waiting for a model with a new aspect.

By the way, regarding the design must speak of a new color called jet black, getting a glossy black finish of the most impressive and radiant.

We must also highlight its new Home button. And it is that now is not pressed, but neither it is capacitive.

Without 3.5 mm port Jack for headphones
Along with water resistance within the design section, it is another of the keys to this terminal. Apple has decided to put on one side of the scale design and new technologies and in the other functionality. And it seems to have cleared what more it weighs. Therefore, the port Jack disappeared completely, but not for it we will remain without listening to music. Inside the terminal box is sold lightning-jack adapter to connect our old headphone cable.

iPhone 7 Plus jack

Of course, not everything will be a thing of the design. Apple has also created a new generation of EarPods or wireless headsets that are called AirPods and connect via NFC. These are sold separately and are one of the most striking, both the design and its possibilities since it have all kinds of sensors.

Brighter, more power, more memory and battery
Aside from its great strengths, this iPhone 7 Plus also stands to outperform the previous generation in several respects. Its 5.5 inch Retina HD screen (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution) claims to be 25% brighter than that of the previous model.

Its A10 processor has broken schemes both with regard to other Android devices that are top of the range, as compared to the previous A9 processor, which claims to be 40 percent slower than the new version.

Although Apple never offers information of the battery of its terminal, but ensure that it has managed to extend more autonomy from the iPhone 6 Plus, arriving to give the device about 15 hours of life between loading and loading in continuous use.