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The Importance of Mobile Threat Defense Solutions

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It is no secret that mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. It has reached a point where even businesses have integrated mobile devices in their operations. The number of users is snowballing, an excellent indicator of how people embrace technology more and more each passing day. The list of its benefits, including connection to the internet, straightforward communication, and convenience, is quite long.

mobile threat defense solutions

Nevertheless, it has a significant drawback which is its vulnerability to cyberattacks. From ransomware to phishing, there are many security threats that mobile users face each day. That’s where the need for Mobile Threat Defense solutions arises. An excellent example is the Pradeo Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), and they are of great importance. This article discusses why you need to consider one.

1. It Detects Device Behavior Anomalies

Attackers may look like ordinary users using the system once they attack. It may take a long time to notice that they are a threat. Fortunately, an MTD can help with the real-time detection of suspicious activities within the applications, operating system and network layers. They have what it takes to detect any device behavioral anomaly as soon as it happens. When it comes to cyberattacks, striving to prevent them in the first place is paramount. Such a feature can help with that, no doubt.

2. It Scans Apps

Apps are a common thing when it comes to mobile devices. Unfortunately, as much as they can be of great help to mobile users, some pose a security threat. Some are malicious by design, whereas others are just vulnerable to attacks. Either way, they pose a danger to the organization and personal data. Fortunately, a Mobile Threat Defense solution can help you identify them. It scans its reputation and analysis the code. Consequently, you get to deal with the apps before they harm you or your business.

3. It Enhances Network Security

An excellent MTD has a mechanism for monitoring the network traffic. In keeping track of devices accessing the network, it becomes easy to detect any suspicious connection. Regardless of whether it is to or from the mobile devices in the network, the tool disables it right away. Therefore, it eliminates the possibility that the device becomes a threat to your network.

4. It Assesses Vulnerability

Did you know that attackers usually take advantage of the vulnerabilities of your mobile device when attacking? For instance, they will target devices that are not password-protected because they make it easy to gain access. There are many configuration vulnerabilities they use to execute malware or gain unauthorized access. Luckily, Mobile Threat Defense solutions will identify all these weaknesses by inspecting every device. Once identified, it becomes easy to solve them before attackers exploit them.

5. It Promotes BYOD

One thing that has made Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy challenging is security threats. Most organizations have had to give it up altogether to avoid the vulnerability it brings to them. That has also meant giving up on the advantages that come with it. However, MTD solutions are changing that by eliminating the threats.

6. It helps with Regulatory Compliance

As an organization, you are obliged to protect the data that people entrust you with. That’s why you need an MTD solution to help you stay compliant. It has what it takes to keep the information safe at all times.


Mobile threats are already here with us, and the only way to cope with them is by using solutions that will help us keep them away. Mobile Threats Defense solutions will do the trick. So, don’t hesitate to have one in this tough fight against mobile devices security threats. It could make all the difference for you and your organization.