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The 5 key features that will come to your mobile with Android O 8.0

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The Google operating system, Android, is updated year after year to make our mobile phone use a much more practical and fun experience. If 2016 was the year of Android 7 Nougat, with all that entailed (multi-screen, shortcuts, energy saving), 2017 will be Android O. Be that as it may, and with the rumors pointing out that Google could make Android 8 official during the next week, we will tell you the 5 key features of Android O.

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Picture in Picture (PiP)

Along with the multi-screen Android 7 Nougat, one of the key features of Android 8 more expected. To put on the table what this is about PiP, we refer you to Facebook. Very recently, when we played the play to any of the videos, we could see it as a popup. And, of course, stick with our stuff on Facebook. Or in any other app. Does it sound like Windows? If it sounds like it’s because that’s just how this new PiP will look. Watch a YouTube video in a separate window, some music player…

Selecting Smart Text

The possibilities when executing actions by selecting text will increase in Android 8. Now, we can copy, share, web search … Actions that are a little short for everything we could do, right? For now, when we select a single letter, Android 8.0 will choose for you the whole word. In addition, as a ‘direct access’, Google will know what is best for your selection. For example, if you select an address, a direct link to Google Maps will appear. When you open Google Maps, directly, it will be shown the indications of that street.

Goodbye to deformed emoticons

Now, Google’s emoticons are shaped like a gum. In a movement to unify the form of all its emojis ‘face’, these will be circular, more similar to the emoticons of WhatsApp and, ultimately, what we recognize as emojis, the whole life. In addition, new faces will appear so we can communicate more accurately. For example, what better than to tell a friend that we are hangover than sending him the zombie emoji?


Another key feature of Android 8. Google Vitals will be a new system of Google focused on the optimization of the system. Undoubtedly, this is the most important aesthetic change of the new Android O. With Vitals, our phone will have better performance, greater optimization of resources and, therefore, increased autonomy. In addition, Vitals include, at last, the one that will be the first antivirus. From now on, you will no longer have to go to a third-party app to see if you have any malicious apps on your phone. This app scans the Android Play Store itself for malicious apps.

Notification Dots

So far, notifications were shown to us by an icon on the top of the phone. To see them in extension, we simply go down the curtain with a finger. Now, we will be able to see the notifications, directly, about the application in question that we have on the desktop. A notification point (or ‘Dot’) will appear and if we click on it, the full notification will be offered.