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Xperia M features

Sony Xperia M

Sony extends its mid-range ‘smartphones’ with the Xperia M

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The Japanese company Sony has introduced a new “smartphone” for midrange Xperia family. It’s Xperia M, a device with four-inch screen and dual core processor that includes One-touch technology to connect wirelessly to other devices as well as known “Stamina” mode which improves the battery performance.

Sony Xperia M

The device will be available globally in the third quarter of this year. After the arrival of the Xperia Z and ‘tablet’ of the same name, the Japanese company has focused on a mid-range device to increase Xperia family before the end of the year. This “smartphone” has 124 grams and 9.3 millimeters thick that exploits all the possibilities of the One-touch of the Japanese company.Read More »Sony extends its mid-range ‘smartphones’ with the Xperia M