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Appview: WhatsApp

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There are plenty of IM services out there and many apps which aim to give quick free Instant Messaging service to the masses. Whilst there are many successful and popular ones out there; Fring, Skype, Palringo and even Gtalk to name a few, all of these have one niggling factor which makes it hard to convince someone who’s not quite into IM services to use it. Getting them to install and then add you to their contacts list. This is where WhatsApp clearly stands out from the crowd.


When WhatsApp is installed, it integrates into the phonebook of the user, checks all the contact numbers and matches them with anyone on that list which is using the service. This gets rid of the whole add me on [insert any service here] and “what’s your username” and their annoyances.

When I first installed it, I was given a list of all my friends who were using this service and promptly started messaging them to let them know I was using it. Which ensued in a flurry of responses and ridicule, mainly because I’m usually the one trying to convince THEM to use a service. Here they were, already ahead of the game. What was the most interesting bit; they were all using different handsets, iPhones (mostly) but also Blackberries. And yes WhatsApp is available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian. The app itself can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace or the Appstore of your own mobile platform.Read More »Appview: WhatsApp