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smartphone Xperia E4

Xperia E4

Xperia E4: autonomy of two days, for a 5 inch display

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The new smartphone Xperia E4 from Sony has just been announced by the Japanese firm. As rumors left to imply, this mid-range smartphone comes with a large 5-inch display, and a battery of substantially the same size, allowing for a smartphone that claims not need to be recharged every night. Indeed, the 2300 mAh battery should provide the smartphone battery life of 29 days in standby mode, or a little more than 12 hours during a voice conversation.

Xperia E4

Of course, in the real world things are very different – the use, signal strength, and settings can all impact the battery performance – but Sony always said that we will have two days of autonomy on the Xperia E4 before it needs recharging. There is also the Endurance mode that is available, which will enable our smartphone to keep alive if we really need it.Read More »Xperia E4: autonomy of two days, for a 5 inch display