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ShoZu’s mobile application


Shozu Becomes Payware

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So what happens when a new appstore opens and one of the best photo / video sharing apps for mobile handsets wants a piece of the action = it turns payware. I attempted to use the service many times before, all unsuccessful it should be noted, installation problems, slow web page, no mobile site were all problems. So now it’s payware why should I even consider installing the app when there are many free alternatives to it?


It looks like Shozu is cashing in on the appstore hype, with the success of Apple’s Appstore with developers seemingly raking in the cash it seems Shozu has decided the same suite will probably apply to their app too. But with so many alternatives and them also being free, will it really be a success? What’s worse is that current users will get away without paying whilst new prospective users will have to reach for their wallet.Read More »Shozu Becomes Payware