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Samsung Omnia 7 feature

Samsung Omnia 7

Samsung Omnia 7 – The Windows Phone

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I received this Samsung Omnia 7 handset on Monday and have spent the last few days playing around with it. As it is running on the all new Windows Phone 7 OS I’ve been keen to see how it all works. Initial impressions have been very promising. From the get go I was impressed with the fluidity and clean UI presented to me. This is mostly down to the great Super AMOLED screen Samsung have stuck on the Omnia 7, it’s in a class of it’s own, perhaps along with a few other Samsung handsets equipped with the same; Galaxy S comes to mind immediately.

Samsung Omnia 7

For now I’ve had a brief play around and have the phone setup, I’ll be using it more throughout the coming days. If you have any queries, questions regarding the device and it’s features or questions about Window Phone 7, feel free to leave a comment.Read More »Samsung Omnia 7 – The Windows Phone