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review Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595 Review

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Following on from the 3 Dark Side launch event, I’ve had my hands on the SE W595 for a while now and have had a chance to play with most of the features.

Sony Ericsson W595

Taking a look at the build quality – it’s not the sturdy or quality like a Nokia E71 but then again what is? But the W595 hold it’s own if you compare it to the Nokia N95’s, the slide and curvaceous design is pretty appealing. I do like the little gaps in between the buttons to show of the green jade design, makes the buttons feel like they are glowing.

Bearing in mind this is a mid-range handset aimed at the music enthusiast and younger generation I tried to put my mind set into what they would probably do with the handset, so I spent most of my time playing music, browsing youtube and switching themes every 10 mins to show how cool I was!Read More »Sony Ericsson W595 Review