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popSLATE case

popSLATE: a second screen on the back of your iPhone

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The reason why the YotaPhone 2 differs from the rest of the crowd is not because of its E Ink display, but these two displays: one in the front and one on the back cover. And if you wanted a second display, but you do not want to buy a YotaPhone 2, how can you do? Well, now you can have the best of both worlds with popSlate and its case reserved to the iPhone.

popSLATE case

The popSLATE hull has almost the same display found on the back of YotaPhone 2. Thus, you will find an E Ink display of 4 inch that reflects your main display and is always on. Once turned on, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth. You can use it to check your notifications and respond to all kinds of messages, especially if your iPhone is low on batteries. Furthermore, since it is still in use, you can display static images, such as boarding passes, train tickets or movie tickets. It is also very useful for all those who love to read e-books.Read More »popSLATE: a second screen on the back of your iPhone