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Palm Pre

palm pre

Palm Pre – All The Hype

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With the battle for thinner TVs, new standards in connectivity and technology in general being flaunted around at CES this year one would think we would be spoiled for choice on the gadgets being shown and offered. Unfortunately most of it is a year away and most of it pretty generic stuff. There is one little device which has had all the hype and more; with fanboys, mobile enthusiasts the blogosphere has been buzzing about this one little device – the Palm Pre.

palm pre

Palm in recent years been slipping down a slipper slope like many other handset manufacturers, and like many others they have been trying to figure out how to reclaim customers and actually provide a device that will actually get noticed and also offer an easy and practical solution to modern mobile usage. What we have here then is a device which could end up being the device that saves Palm. The Pre is a multi-touch slider with a full QWERTY keyboard, with the OS built from the ground up, it already has one feature the iPhone doesn’t (a physical keyboard) and another Nokia’s latest flagship device the N97 doesn’t a new OS, which is a bold move on their part.Read More »Palm Pre – All The Hype