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Nokia N95 firmware update

Nokia N95 sw update

Nokia N95 V35 Firmware Update

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In what looks like an Xmas present to owners of Nokia’s older N-Series devices; the N82 and the N95. The Finnish giant has released V35 firmware updates across the board. Not only does the N95-1 and the N95 8GB get the firmware updates but also it’s cousin’s and variants in the US.

Nokia N95 sw update

The question has to be asked, why are we seeing a sudden release of new Firmware updates? What do they bring to the table? Well for the latter, as usual we have no changelog, not unexpected – hence I won’t be updating I find something significant enough to make it worthwhile. But going back to the first question, is Nokia putting these devices up to spec in anticipation of releasing something across the board and making them compatible? Perhaps the release of the OVI store (v2)?Read More »Nokia N95 V35 Firmware Update