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Nokia N900 review

Nokia N900

Nokia N900 – Initial Impression

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It’s been a few days (almost a week) spent with the N900, and I have to say it’s been used as a 2nd device predominantly. Mainly due to one issue – at this current time it will not work with a new 3G only 3UK sim card, but apparently there is a firmware update coming which will fix this issue. I think that would be a wise decision 3UK are very much like the N900 – open (well more than their competitors) so it makes sense to make it widely available.

Nokia N900

Whether using the N900 as my 2nd device has affected my opinion of it so far I have to say is unlikely. The main issue I’ve found currently is the N900 is very much a work in progress handset, it’s one for the early adopters and keen gadget enthusiasts, which I have to admit am one myself. Having it with me does fill me with joy, although there’s also some extra weight that comes with it – literally. This brings me onto my first point; Physical Check-up.

The N900 is by no means slim or small, but it’s not alone in that category, the issue with it is it’s both not slim or small. Where other devices are slim or small the N900 is neither, which is going to be an issue for the mass market appeal – If it is being touted as a “handset”. The slide on the N900 is acceptable, there is no slick springy mechanism similar to what’s found on the N97, or the thud with which the T-Mobile G1 opens up. But it feels very solid and there is a satisfying click with opening and closing the device.
The keys are very easy to get used, much better than the N97’s from experience. In comparison to the N97 it has quite a few things that’s a lot better – the camera is extremely impressive, both in bright and lowlight conditions. (see examples below), although there is still that hint of colour loss, especially in very bright conditions.Read More »Nokia N900 – Initial Impression