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Nexus S features

Nexus S

Nexus S Official – The Key Points

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Lets face it, there wasn’t going to be anything spectacular about the successor to the Nexus One. It was always going to be an evolutionary step than a revolutionary step, Android doesn’t need a revolution so it’s quite fine with the progress the Nexus S makes in succeeding the One as the official Android Phone.

Nexus S

Whilst it is unspectacular, there are many new additions and features which clearly shows where the future is headed, and the fact Google seems to understand where we will be in a years time.

CPU + GPU + More Memory
When using a touch oriented handset it’s critical everything is snappy and everything looks gorgeous, it’s something some others seem to overlook. Human instinct naturally wants to touch something that looks nice, and once we do, we expect a reaction. iOS has mastered that and did so many years before anyone else realized it.
The Nexus S does this using an upgraded CPU – a 1Ghz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processor which is helped by a dedicated GPU and 16GB of internal flash memory, this is something that was missing from almost ALL of the previous Android handsets.Read More »Nexus S Official – The Key Points