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Huawei p8

Huawei P8: Bigger, thinner and unique features

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The second round begins. After the spectacular presentation in Barcelona of the new flagship of Samsung and HTC (Galaxy S6 and One M9), were to mention some of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones in the world. And it has been the Chinese firm Huawei, with its new P8, the first to show its commitment to the high end of this year.

Huawei p8

Unlike what usually happens most of the time, little is yet known of the characteristics of the new ultra thin Huawei smartphone. The rumors had limited this time to its external appearance, metal and glass, very popular in high-end, and the extraordinary thinness of the new terminal. But little or nothing was known in advance about its performance, processor, camera or performance.

London was the venue chosen for the coming-out of the P8. There, in the Old Billings Gate, an old market on the banks of the Thames hundred journalists from around the world have come to see the new terminal of one of the companies that has grown in recent years.Read More »Huawei P8: Bigger, thinner and unique features