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iPhone 4 details

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 – The Real Deal

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Steve Jobs finally revealed what we had known for a month or so; the details on the iPhone 4 officially. There are a few key features the iPhone 4 has in this revision which not only puts it on par with almost all other handsets on the market as an overall mobile device, but also as an overall experience.

iPhone 4

There have been a few buzzwords coming out of Apple which to be honest are pretty much gimmicky and something Apple should look at, it’s becoming ridiculous with all these stupid iNames. All they do is remove attention from what is a sublime piece of hardware. iAds (Aids) and Facetime etc, just sound stupid. Getting down to the details;

Retina Display
This is Apples name for a very high resolution display packed into a 3.5 inch screen, the results are as expected; crisp text and smooth picture and color balance. The 960×640 resolution which displays 326 ppi (pixels per inch) is the highest in the industry. Match that with the 800:1 contrast ratio and users should get a vibrant, clear and crisp experience. It’s interesting to note Apple decided to use an IPS screen rather than an AMOLED, it will be interesting to see if the color accuracy holds up and which is better.Read More »iPhone 4 – The Real Deal