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iOS 6 for iPhone

iOS 6

iOS 6 for iPhone and iPad available on 19 September

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In the coming days the owners of Apple mobile device holders may receive a breath of fresh air in their terminals, we talk about iOS 6, and the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

iOS 6

During the presentation of the iPhone 5, the company announced the date that the new version will be available for download. As usual, Apple wait a week after the release of a new iPhone to offer updates and the final version of iOS 6 will be published on Wednesday, 19 September. As always the release will occur globally and the time at which the download will be released will be, if not changed at the last minute. The fact of doing a global launches often cause saturation in Apple s servers, something that happens almost every year. It is normal in the early hours is not possible to complete the download because of the huge traffic generated.Read More »iOS 6 for iPhone and iPad available on 19 September