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interior of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7

2017 Samsung Galaxy J7

New features leaked on the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7

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The 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7 would be a step closer to being announced. The device has just passed a performance test, confirming part of its possible characteristics. It would be a mid-range model with metallic design and 5.5 – inch display. The new Samsung Galaxy would include eight-core processor, 2 GB RAM or a main 8 megapixel camera.

2017 Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung would be finalizing the details for the announcement of the 2017 Galaxy J7, a device that has been talked about for some time, but we have not yet officially known. The phone would have recently passed a performance test, leaving new interesting details. A design level, we expect a very similar model to its predecessor, the 2016 Samsung Galaxy J7, with metallic chassis and slim, lightweight body. Read More »New features leaked on the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7