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INQ Chat

INQ Chat Review

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After having tested the camera capabilities of the INQ Chat and covering the unboxing there was only one thing left really to test out. How does the INQ Chat perform as a socially connected handset.

INQ Chat

So how does this handset designed specifically for the socially connected perform?

The INQ Chat at first glance is an elegant device, with nice smooth curves, shiny polished finish and feels like a premium device, something it is far from being touted as. The device may be made of plastic mostly, but it feels much better in the hands and is very ergonomic. It reminds me of the Nokia E71 – very elegant and similar in form factor and design. The only difference being the E71 is a premium device and made from metal parts.

The keyboard performs pretty well, in comparison to Blackberry devices, the E71 and Palm Pre I can honestly say it’s no better or worse than any of these devices. The red text on the keys are hard to see in dark conditions, but once I got used to it, I didn’t have to look at the keyboard when trying to type. The softkeys and the navigation are nice and big, so it’s easy to navigate through the menu system, which was clearly optimized to be used together and works well. One handed operation is ideal, as one would expect from a handset with the exception of typing which is a lot more comfortable with two hands.Read More »INQ Chat Review