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important developments of the iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus

The most important developments of the iPhone 7 Plus

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Apple has already revealed all the details about their new star devices. Although many of its features have already been leaked in the form of rumor days prior to the keynote, now we know what is in it that were working in Cupertino. Next to the iPhone 7, Apple also unveiled the larger version, iPhone 7 Plus. A terminal that attracts attention for several issues that we describes below.

iPhone 7 Plus

Dual camera
It is, without doubt, its distinctive point. And, when looking at the back of the terminal, you can see a noticeable bulge with two objectives. A rising trend in the terminals, and that Apple wanted to use to get the best possible quality when you zoom on the photos. It has two sensors capable of capturing images 12 megapixel resolution. Of course, a goal is a wide-angle and the other is a telephoto lens. Thus, it is possible to photograph people or objects in the distance with high quality and sharpness. As an exclusive feature also allows you to scan the scene to create a portrait style with bokeh blur background as do the SLR cameras. In addition, this model is equipped with optical image stabilizer to prevent tremors and blurred pictures.Read More »The most important developments of the iPhone 7 Plus