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HTC Bolt

HTC 10 Evo

HTC 10 Evo: Features and price

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“Let the beat goes on” could be the slogan of HTC these days. Passing a delicate moment in sales and constant rumors about the sale of its mobile division, the brand continues to launch terminals, although not always reach our markets. Which will be going to the upgraded version of HTC 10, named HTC 10 Evo (which in turn is a HTC Bolt renamed for the European market).

HTC 10 Evo

We are going to find changes in almost all the hardware of the phone, but are not particularly significant, except in two cases. For this HTC 10 Evo has included protection from water and dust and has eliminated the 3.5 mm mini jack port, two surprising variations, especially the second.Read More »HTC 10 Evo: Features and price