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fingerprint sensor on the Nexus 6

nexus 6 fingerprint sensor

Nexus 6: No fingerprint sensor because of Apple

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The former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside, revealed in an interview granted to the Telegraph that the Nexus 6 was to include a fingerprint sensor, but the plans were thwarted by Apple indirectly. Woodside said the “hollow” on the back cover of the Nexus 6 was originally to house a fingerprint sensor, but the Motorola provider was not able to deliver a suitable component in time.

nexus 6 fingerprint sensor

“The secret behind the Nexus 6 is that it was supposed to have a fingerprint sensor”, said Woodside about the Motorola logo of Nexus 6. Unfortunately, Apple has become the best provider. Thus, the second best supplier was the only one available for the entire mobile industry, and it was not ready to meet the high demands. “Although the functionality has obviously never appeared on the smartphone”, Woodside concedes that its inclusion “would not have made ​​a big difference”.Read More »Nexus 6: No fingerprint sensor because of Apple