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SwiftKey X was updated and improved performance

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The possibility of installing a keyboard alternative in our Android Mobiles is quite useful if we do not like the default that brings the system. There are many options, some of them very interesting as Swype or SwiftKey X, the latter also already talking in more than one occasion and today we tell you what it brings again.

SwiftKey X

The latest update of SwiftKey X includes a performance improvement in Fluency engine, the system that uses the keyboard, it is now something faster and also takes up less space, detail that many users with low internal memory will appreciate it.

It also has improved compatibility with the multitouch screens, now when press two keys at the same time the answer should be faster and more efficiently.

Another interesting detail is the ability to adjust the height of the keys to bring it to our liking and that the pulsations are more comfortable. In the Android Phones Market there is a free version for both smartphones and tablets.

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