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Super Cute Motorola

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Super Cute Motorola

Joseph Liang has designed this seriously cute concept Motorola handset. Aimed clearly at image and impression more than functionality and features, it is easy to see this is gong to be aimed at those who are more image conscious than most others.

Not being stereotypical here, but I can imagine Japanese school girls killing to get something this adorable. If you’ve ever seen the Tokyo high streets filled with girls (and some guys) dressed up as famous icons such as “Bo Peep” “Britney” and “Christina” for their daily wear you would know this is the audience it is aimed at, not forgetting your average hello kitty school girl also. This is more Japanese street fashion culture more than anything.

The handset comes with a colour screen, camera and a great hide feature rather than your usual slide and some buttons to use the handset.

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