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Stocard: Bringing all your loyalty cards in a single application

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Access your discounts easily and effectively. Stocard, the application that allows users to carry all loyalty cards in the “smartphone”. For free, users can benefit from discounts and offers customers their cards without having to carry in wallet.


Since its launch, the application is available for iOS and Android platforms, seeks to replace the traditional cards and reduce the space in portfolios. More than one million users from several countries have downloaded the service.

Stocard is very easy to use. The users simply scan the card to the camera with his “smartphone” and the application will create a digital version of the card in the phone. Each time you want to use one of the cards will only need to show the device with the digital copy of the establishment person and the user can enjoy the discounts and enefits in the same way that have done so far with the plastic card.

The service is designed to support up to 100 cards by default. In addition, if a card is not in the list, is added to the type in the name of the establishment. Upon its release in late 2011 in Germany, Stocard has continued to grow and was recently named one of the best “apps” for Apple.


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