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Spreadsheets: An “app” that meet your performance in bed

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People sometimes may doubt about the quality of their sexual performance. There is nothing out of the ordinary, but to alleviate this need one developer Ardenturous Lab has created Spreadsheets, an application that monitors the actions of a person in bed.

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“Spreadsheets is a mobile application that monitors your performance and provides feedback and historical statistical” point from the official website of the app. Spreadsheets indicates peaks of activity, the duration and sounds of “joy”.

That is, the application gives a detailed overview of how well (or poorly) a person is able to perform in a sexual encounter. It costs $2.99 and also gives points depending on the time relations are conducted. For example, a Monday morning are 10 points while a Sunday afternoon are 20 points.

How do you get this information? The application records the audio data and user movement through the accelerometer and the microphone of the mobile. “Spreadshets not save videos or audios. That would be creepy”, clear from the company. However, statistics and numerical data are stored on the user’s device. This information is not transmitted or backed up in the cloud.

From the company point out that before using the application, available only for iOS, do check with your partner since the measurement is “a team effort” and would be nice to have your consent.

And they point out something important: this application is not a way to get a date or bring people to bed, just about knowing yields. Emphasize that the “app” can be used anywhere, less those that will put at risk the mobile.

This is not the only application of a sexual nature, but has spent the filters of Apple to be in your store, Apple usually blocks applications that appear to be indecent.

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