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Sony Xperia Z1S alongside with his older brother, would too expensive?

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Time passes and still no official release date of the Sony Xperia Z1S, bet the Japanese company by the mini fever that is rampant in the smartphone sector.

Sony Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1S, formerly known as Xperia Mini, was not going to follow the footsteps of other companies such as Samsung, which cuts largely hardware of these variants, but would have almost identical specifications to the Xperia Z1.

This is good news, but it has an important consequence is that this smartphone would not be mini or level of specifications and price and, indeed, may even be considerably expensive.

It is clear that Sony has to be careful, since it could even reach cannibalize its Xperia Z1 with this “little one” which, according to new information, could have a price of between 550 to 600 dollars.

What can we say, at the moment we have no official information and do not know how the market will react if finally just sticking with that price.

However, and breaking a lance in its favor, Sony approach makes some sense, since it would give the consumer the option of choosing between a screen format more or less without having to give up to a high level of performance.

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