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Sony launches an application that enables streaming mobile games

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Sony has launched a new application that allows you to record a video the best moments in a game for mobile phones and then upload it on social networks. The application is called “Screen Recorder” and allows transmissions Android titles online.

Screen Recorder

It is compatible with the Xperia Z3+, Z4 and Z4v terminals in addition to the Xperia Z4 tablet. Only one account will be needed in these social networks, Youtube and Twitch, only required to upload a video for a fixed duration. This application follows the footsteps of Twitch, which has been downloaded by nearly 35 million people.

In that sense, the streaming is a key element in the latest gaming platforms such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The two integrated uploading custom videos, sometimes live, social video networks. This also follows the trends of the last Youtubers, who have managed thousands of fans simply offering testings game with clever or funny comments. In fact, in countries such as Korea there are programs like “Ongamenet” offered the broadcast of Starcraft championship. These are called eSports, where emerges a figure known as the professional player.

The Japanese company aims with this decision regain a dominant position in the market, where it is a minority compared with brands like Samsung or Apple. It remains to be seen if the user of Youtube will be so interesting to see a computer game as one of mobile, where design and development tends to be usually more simple..